Rifugio Chabod

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Federico Chabod

The mountain guides of Valsavarenche named the refuge "Federico Chabod" as a lasting memorial to a colourful figure of our valley community. 
Federico Chabod was born in the town of Aosta on 23 February 1901. His family, of working class origin, were from the village of Tignet. In his life, Chabod went on to become a historian, university lecturer, regionalist and politician. But here we want to highlight his prowess as a mountaineer. 
His feats are numerous. He was the first Italian to climb the north-east face of the Grivola without a trained guide and the first to take on the south face of the Dent d’Herens. Together with his uncle Michele Baratono, Federico Chabod was the first climber to take on the south-western face of the Gran Paradiso without a guide. He was the first to climb the Tours de Notre Dame, and the first to descend the eastern face of Aiguille Verte in Valsorey. All records confirm that he was the first to reach the top of the Punta Judith--a small but towering peak between Il Marione and Il Faudery in the Valpelline valley. Lastly, he was the first to climb the Becca di Guin via the western face. (Account taken from Da storia dell’alpinismo italiano- i cento anni del Cai by Massimo Mila.) 
“An emblematic man of the mountains”, generous and partial to a glass among friends. He once said: “It may hail or thunder outside, or the devil may break his horns, but our valley folk our not foolish enough as to take leave without first a little drink!" 
Federico Chabod died on 14 July 1960. He is known as the leading Italian historian of his time. More than forty years afterwards, his scientific virtues and moral integrity have found a place in the annals of history. 
He was also a university teacher with a commitment to politics and people. His direct contacts included Alcide de Gasperi, Ugo la Malfa, Ferruccio Parri, the governor Bonomi and the political leaders and grassroots regionalists in the Aosta Valley between 1943 and 1946. 
His ardour in political matters was pivotal in the Valle d’Aosta obtaining autonomous status. Fittingly, he was appointed the Region’s first governor.