Rifugio Chabod

opening time 2019 summer 01 june-29 september info@rifugiochabod.com phone number 0039 0165 95574 half board dormitory euro 45,50 half board 4 beds room euro 50


The idea of establishing a refuge named after Federico Chabod was suggested in the autumn of 1966 by a group of mountaineers who were members of the Valsavarenche guide federation. The location was chosen using the mountaineers' own experience and the need to reach routes that were not easily accessible, e.g. the Becca di Montandayné,  the north-west face of the Gran Paradiso and the south face of the Herbetet. 
Before the dream could become reality, several political obstacles had to be overcome on a local level. Firstly, relations with the Valle d’Aosta regional government and the Gran Paradiso national park were soured by personal posturing. Supporters of the refuge claimed that the refuge would help an area lacking tourist revenues, and requested a feasibility report from land surveyors Therisod and Benzo. The report was subsequently presented to the Valle d’Aosta regional government and other bodies that could deliver the necessary permits. 
In the autumn of 1967 the project blueprint was presented to the Gran Paradiso national park authorities. Soon after, the plans were waved through by the local council and the public planning office, but approval from the Park authorities did not come until 1976, following a change of management. 
By the autumn of 1977, the initial provisional building was complete, known as the “hut”. In the summer of 1978, the company Marcello Blanc arrived to begin building the existing refuge at an altitude of mt 2750. Construction work was only possible during the summer months. The building grew gradually in stature, in tandem with the financial support received from the Valle d’Aosta regional government. 
In the meantime, even before the construction work could begin, bureaucratic bottlenecks hindered progress for several years and sapped motivation. Some the guides behind the Rifugio Chabod vision were forced to abandon the project, faced with the need to contribute their own financial resources. The remaining core decided to set up a partnership, the Piccolo Paradiso, founded on July 28, 1985. 
The Chabod Refuge has undergone successive improvements. The “hut” has been rebuilt and transformed as a very comfortable chalet in 2007 to offer winter lodging facilities, as required by legislation. 
Finally, respect for the environment has constantly been the watchword at the Chabod Refuge.