Rifugio Chabod

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ISO 14001

Mountains are a vital resource offering pleasant landscapes to be enjoyed from an aesthetic and amusing point of view. Mountains hold also a high biodiversity of species and habitats, in the meanwhile they represent a fragile environment due to the interfering natural phenomena and entropic activities.
There is great necessity to safeguard environmental heritage which is the main resource of tourism, mountain tourism particularly. There is also awareness about a correct environmental management being a strength at a time when ecological sensibility is increasing.
Therefore the European Community and the International institutions have started environmental politics aimed at the achievement of a sustainable development of all activities including tourism.
In order to put in practice these politics several tools have been provided such as the Environmental Management Systems.
Sustainability is achieved through the awareness in resources employment. Sustainability is also encouraged when advantages are attained through efficiency improvements and through the economic valorization of resources reflecting their rarity.


An environmental management system is made of several tools and actions aimed at the environment management.
Voluntary adhesion to an Environmental Management System means a continuous commitment to respect natural resources and a guarantee of control over all activities having an impact on the environment.
ISO 14001 is the major standard describing how to proceed an Environmental Management System and how to obtain the certificate of environmental quality. This certificate is released by an external third party organization, which will ratify the conformity of the Hut to this modern standard aimed at the environment enhancement.


It concerns a system involving environment protection and assuring:
vigilant use of natural renewable resources
constant management stability thanks to a manual containing the fundamental principles and the necessary procedures to carry out activities.
a persevering knowledge of environmental standards.
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The hut Federico Chabod , in partnership with the University of Turin – Department of Marketing Sciences – aware of the benefits arising by the use of the Environmental Management System, has decided to adopt environmental politics in order to obtain the qualifications: 
- by means of continuous engagement and improvement. 
- by implementing an Environmental Management System.
In October 2001, the hut became the world’s first refuge to be awarded the standard UNI EN ISO 14001.